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Why is the hot tub water foamy?

If you’ve watched any number of comedies or sitcoms chances are you have seen the person who puts laundry soap or bubble bath into the dishwasher, turns it on and suddenly the room is filled with foam. This may be funny on a movie screen, but it isn’t funny if your hot tub is foaming! Why is the hot tub water foamy? There are myriad reasons, but rest assured, it will never get as bad as a dishwasher filled with laundry soap!

The swimming pool service professionals from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California can help rid your hot tub of foaming water. The first step, though would be to determine the cause of it. If you don’t determine the cause, you won’t be able to stop it from occurring again.

You want bubbles in your bubble bath, but not in your hot tub!

Why is the hot tub water foamy?

Foam will show up in your hot tub water if you have the perfect storm:

  1. Water

  2. Air

  3. Super sticky molecutures that help reduce the surface tension of water and that makes it easier for oil and water to mix and form foam

Even when your hot tub or swimming pool water looks crystal clear — chances are it’s not. Even clean and clear water is home to salt, protein, detergents, dissolved solids and other organic compounds like super sticky molecules.

Maintaining proper water chemisty is a great first step, but if you miss a few days or have a hot tub party with a lot of guests in and out of the water, you are literally asking for foam to occur! It may not happen during the party, but if you have turned off the jets, not looked at the hot tub for a few days then go to flip the switch and viola — foam!

What leads to the dissolved solids, super sticky molecules, proteins and other organic compounds?

  1. Dead skin. We know, it’s gross, but everyone has dead skin that gets sloughed off when you’re in the water.

  2. Personal care products like perfumes, hair spray, deodorant, lotion, shampoos and others.

  3. Spilled beverages. If you spill a drink into the water, it can lead to an upset in the water chemistry and potentially foam.

It may be wise to ask your guests to take a quick shower before they get in the hot tub. They don’t have to soap up as that soap can lead to other issues with the water! If you don’t want to ask your guests to shower first, you will need to be extremely diligent about cleaning the hot tub and balancing the chemicals — or hiring a pool and hot tub service contractor to do it for you.

If you have foaming hot tub water, give us a call!


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