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Why is the pool water bubbly?

Why is the pool water bubbly? That is a question the swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California explain there are many different reasons for bubbly water and they can address the issue when they’re paying a service call.

Air bubbles are common and they sometimes come out of the return jets in the swimming pool. It is more common when the pool is first opened in the spring and usually means air is coming in from the suction side of the pool — prior to the water entering the pool filter.

Why is the pool water bubbly?

Here are three areas we will inspect when you see bubbles in the water:

The pool pump. We will check the pump lid to assure it’s not cracked and that it is secure. If the issue is with the pump, most often it is with the o-ring on the lid. We will turn the pump off and take off the lid to inspect the o-ring for any cracks. If you’re doing it yourself, take the ring out and gently bend it and look for any signs of cracks or faults.

We will then check the pump basket. If it’s tracked and isn’t seated securely in the housing, it can lead to bubbly water. If necessary the cracked or broken basket will be replaced. We will check and clean it during service visits and would notice when or if it was needing to be replaced.

Inside the pump housing there are drain plugs that will need to be chekced. If the drain plug is loose it can lead to bubbling water. Apply pipe thread sealant tape to the drain plug threads to help it form a tighter seal.

If any splitting is noticed, the o-ring needs to be replaced. If the o-ring looks like it’s intact, we will move on to check the skimmer.

The Skimmer is the next item to be checked. One thing we will look at is the level of the water in the pool. If there isn’t enough water, the skimmer could be pulling in air insteaed of water. The water level in the pool should be at the middle of the opening of the skimmer.

Next, make certain the skimmer baskets aren’t cracked or damaged and that they are seated properly to assure they have good water suction.

The flap on the skimmer (called the weir) flaps in front of the skimmer and traps large debris and doesn’t allow it to get back into the pool water. This flap regulates the flow of water into the skimmer. If it is blocked or jammed by debris it won’t be moving freely. If your pool doesn’t have a skimmer flap, we recommend getting one to keep large debris from the pool water.

The pool unions. Inground swimming pools will have unions — threaded connectors that go between the piping that allows for easier replacement of filter equipment.

The union will house an o-ring. Check this as you did with the pump o-ring to assure it’s not cracked. If it is it will need to be replaced.

If your pool suddenly starts to look bubbly, give us a call so we can inspect it, address it and get your pool to be bubble free again.


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