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Why is there sand in the swimming pool

Best Pro Pool Service contractors talk with their customers and answer the question, why is there sand in the swimming pool. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it is a problem that the intrepid pool owner can address or you can give us a call and we can come inspect the pool and get the sand out.

Why is there sand in the swimming pool

If you happen to see sand at the bottom of your swimming pool and you don’t live in an area where a sandstorm has just blown through, the reason for the sand is because there is a problem with yoru sand filter. If, however, you don’t have a sand pool filter and you don’t live in an area where sand could get blown into the water, it could actually be yellow algae also known as mustard algae. To determine which it is — brush it up, if there is a cloud, it’s algae, if it doesn’t form a cloud and you have a sand filter — it’s sand.

How does the sand get out of the filter and into the pool? It can be because the standpipe or the laterals of the sand filter pipes are cracked. If a crack occurs, sand can lead into the pool.

If the filter has gotten moved the standpipe could have shifted and that could lead to sand leaking into the pool.

If the sand is in the pool because of a broken sand filter standpipe or its laterals, you will need to take apart the sand filter, remove all of the sand, replace the broken equipment and then put it back together and add more sand. This is a time consuming project and when this occurs, most pool owners hand it over to a pool contractor to take on the task for them.

After the filter is back together and running again, you now have to clean up the sand that has collected in the bottom of the pool. To do this, you will need to manually vacuum the pool and that, too, can be a time-consuming project.

When, or if, you notice sand in the bottom of the pool you will want to address it as soon as possible before further damage occurs to the pipes or the filter.


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