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Why should you shower before you swim?

Have you ever asked your guests to shower before they use the swimming pool? Have you ever wondered why should you shower before you swim? Remember those days in high school when you always had to shower before you jumped into the school swimming pool? There was a reason for that the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain and it wasn’t just to torture you before you jumped in!

The reason for showering before jumping into the swimming pool is to do a quick wash off of outside contaminants so your pool water will remain cleaner, longer.

Why should you shower before you swim?

  1.  Hairspray, deodorant and outside contaminants in your hair and on your body can be washed away with a quick shower.

  2. It’s considerate to the others who use the swimming pool. If someone is inviting you to their pool and asking you to shower off first, don’t take offense, it’s a nice thing for you to do. If they’re asking you to shower, chances are they will be doing the same and that helps you rest assured you’re swimming in cleaner water.

  3. It’s better for the pool if those who use it aren’t introducing bacteria and contaminants into the water. Keeping the pool water cleaner will keep the chemicals working better and will keep the filter working at its peak to filter out dirt and debris.

  4. It’s healthier for everyone if you’re swimming in cleaner water. Showering off outside contaminants and debris will provide the option to swim in cleaner water.

  5. Showering when you get out of the pool is a practice you should get into as well because it will remove any pool chemicals and help keep your skin from getting dry or itchy.

If you don’t want people traipsing through your house to shower before or after a swim, you may want to consider having a pool house constructed — even though that is costly! Or you can talk wtih us and we can install an outdoor shower in a secluded area of the yard where guests can quickly shower off before and after swimming.


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