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Why you shouldn’t pee in the pool

We know you’ve talked about it! Do you or have you peed in the pool? Do your kids pee in the pool? Do you know why you shouldn’t pee in the pool? Well, other than the fact that it’s gross, it could lead to illnesses and infection for those with compromised immune systems. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service offer information and advice to help you understand why no one should pee in the pool!

Why you shouldn’t pee in the pool

The obvious reason is that, no matter how much water is in the pool, you certainly don’t want to swim in someone’s urine. Right? Even if there are chemicals in the pool, urinating in it is still not okay. It should go without saying, but we felt the need to say it.

It is rude to do to a friend who lets you come and enjoy their pool. Imagine, too if you’re at a public pool and everyone is using it as his or her own bathroom — you probably wouldn’t swim, right?

People think that because urine is sterile, that it won’t pose a health risk, and while the risk is probably low, the potential for illness is real. Urine contains nitrogen and ammonia and when those chemicals interact with chlorine it can produce a toxic chemical.  Truthfully, the risk is low, but the potential is there and is more risky for those with immune-compromised health or with a cut or scrape. Some individuals are also more sensitive to chemicals in the pool than others, and that isn’t a risk you want to take with a guest or family member is it?

How can you keep your guests — and children — from using the pool as a bathroom?

  1. Make certain children use the bathroom before they get in the pool. Monitor them to make sure they get out of the water every so often to use the bathroom again.

  2. Tell your guests that you’d appreciate it if they’d use the bathroom before they get in the pool.

If you have a pool party and have more people in the pool than is usual, schedule an additional swimming pool cleaning to help assure the water is clean and urine-free! If you have a pool house or a house with a bathroom that is easy for swimmers to get to, you will probably get buy in to using the bathroom more frequently.

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