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5 post rain storm swimming pool clean up tips

Storms can wreak havoc on a swimming pool, as many owners of pools in hurricane and monsoon prone areas know. The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Services in Atwater, CA can help with post storm clean up. If you’re more of a DIYer, you may be tempted to clean up on your own. We offer these 5 post rain storm swimming pool clean up tips.

There are some items you want to do immediately after the storm — clean out debris and large floating objects, there are others, though like turning on the electricity if there is a change of damage to the electric components of the pool.

5 post rain storm swimming pool clean up tips

We want to touch upon those items you should not do following the rain storm. Some of these items could have catastrophic effects on the pool, post storm and could be costly.

  1. Never drain the pool! If the storm has caused the pool to overflow, resist the urge to drain any water from it. Even if you drain a few inches of water into a wet yard you could cause the pool shell to shift and float. If this happens it could easily rip free from the plumbing and electricity.

  2. Don’t remove debris with your bare hands. Wear gloves to limit exposure to any contaminants that may have gotten into the water during the storm. Pull on some gloves then remove the largest floating debris.

  3. Never turn on the electricity until you are certain the electrical components and systems are safe. Call an electrician or a pool service contractor to check the electrical components before the pool equipment is turned back on.

  4. Avoid using the pool’s automatic pool cleaner until you’re sure there is no large debris that could clog the system and damage it.

  5. Be prepared to run the swimming pool pump around the clock until the pool water is clear again. The pump will be working hard to circulate dirty, debris filled water and it is a strain on all the components.

   Be smart and be safe following a storm that has the potential to damage your pool and upset the pool water chemistry. Give us a call and get on our schedule of post-storm clean up! 


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