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Buying a New Pool Heater: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

A pool heater keeps you and your family warm in winter. It makes the backyard pool time with family delightful and fun. However, buying a new pool heater may not be an easy feat. It would help if you considered many things when shopping for a new pool heater.

Best Pro Pool has outlined a list of things you should consider when purchasing a new heater.

1. Type of Fuel

You can have four fuel options when it comes to pool heaters:

1. Solar pool heaters are popular due to their efficiency. They’ve low operating costs and longer useful life. Consider the position based on sun exposure.

2. Natural gas heaters are common swimming heaters that run on the natural gas pipeline of your utility company.

3. Propane heaters are similar to natural gas heaters but are used in the absence of natural gas.

4. Electric heaters operate on similar principles as water tankers. They contain coils that heat through electric current and raise the water temperature.

Prone and natural gas units are efficient in heating pool water if you leave them on constantly. However, they were expensive. Contrary to that, electric heaters are cost-effective, and you can use them all year round. Solar units are environmentally-conscious units and less costly. They also keep the temperature to 80 Degree.

2. Control Panel

You should also consider whether you need to buy a heater with a control board and, if so, what type of panel you should get. Digital control boards are productive and give a noteworthy idea of water temperature through their screen. Other less expensive units don’t come with a screen, meaning you’ll have to buy an additional thermometer to monitor the temperature.

3. Pool Size

Pool heaters vary in size and shape. You’ll need a bigger pool heater for a huge pool. Similarly, a small heater will be sufficient if you have a small backyard pool. It would help if you also considered why you use your pool. If it’s to enjoy a sunny day with family, you might not need a high-end heater. However, you should consider a large and top-range heater if you use the pool for training purposes.

Big pools are difficult to warm with a solar heater. When you shop for a heater, check with the manufacturer pamphlet to see what size of the pool a unit fits for. The more BTU a heater has, the faster it’ll raise the water temperature in the pool.

4. Professional Installation

Give serious thought to the installation process. Does the water heater need to be professionally installed? Or can you do it yourself? You’ll have to bear additional installation costs if it requires professional assistance. Nonetheless, you’ll rest assured that installation is done properly with professional help from a pool service provider.

If you’re looking for professional installation of a pool heater, Best Pro Pool can help! We offer swimming pool maintenance, pool equipment installation, and repair service. Whether it’s a pool heater, pump, or filter, our team can deliver reliable services on time. Request an estimate today!


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