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Does the pool need to be acid washed?

The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, CA are your go-to professionals if you’re wondering, “does the pool need to be acid washed?” There are some very clear signs that an acid wash makes sense:

  1. The pool is stained

  2. The pool is discolored

  3. It just looks tired and dingy

Does the pool need to be acid washed?

A pool that has been algae-filled could definitely benefit from an acid wash, but your pool service pro will tell you that a chlorine wash aka acid wash is a preventative measure. An acid wash should be planned every few years to keep the pool water’s mineral levels at normal ranges.

Water that is hard, or has calcium hardness levels in excess of 700-800 parts per million, you run the risk of calcium deposits building up and clogging the filters, pipes and filtration system. A calcium build up can damage the pool equipment and negatively impact its effectiveness. Calcium hardness is difficult to remove and sometimes requires draining the pool to levels below the hardness stains.

When your pool contractor acid washes the pool it will look brand new again and it won’t put too much of a strain on your pool care budget.

An acid wash can turn into a larger, more involved project if your the plaster is stained. Your swimming pool builder will use muriatic acid for the cleaning and will begin the task by pouring the acid down the walls and into the bottom of the pool. He will acid wash the pool one section at a time until th entire pool has been washed. This will usually require the pool be drained — you need to budget for a pool refill whether from a hose or if you have water trucked in.

An acid wash removes organic stains, metallic stains and calcium deposits.  An acid wash will also remove a thin, the top, layer of pool plaster. This will eventually mean that you need to have the pool re-plastered, but that is an article for antoher time.

Keep in mind that an acid wash isn’t a regular event, but it is a part of owning a pool. Your pool contractor will let you know when it’s necessary and you can plan for the project.


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