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How deep should the pool water be?

Have you ever wondered how deep should the pool water be? The question is one the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California get asked all the time. The depth of the swimming pool water has more than one factor to consider:

  1. The overall depth of the pool

  2. Whether there is a shallow or deep end

  3. Whether the water is in the proper location to keep the skimmers working at their peak

How deep should the pool water be?

When it comes to swimming pool skimmers, they operate at peak efficiency when the water is between one half and one third of the way up into the opening of the pool skimmer.

The the level of the swimming pool water is higher, then the water he swimming pool skimmers operate best is between one third and one half the way up the opening of the pool skimmer.

The the level of the water in your swimming pool is too high, the water that gets moved to the skimmer will move too slowly that the debris might pass directly by the skimmer opening and will not get pulled in so it can be removed from the water. If the water is too high the skimmer won’t be able to do its job and you will do a lot more skimming of the pool and honestly the water will likely be filled with more bacteria than if the water was at proper levels.

At the opposite end, if the water levels are too low, the skimmer could be sucking in air — instead of water like it’s supposed to — and that can result in the swimming pool filter’s pump motor burning out. That is a costly repair or replacement!

Another detriment to having too much water in the pool is that you will need to use more chemicals to keep the water clean AND when everyone is in the pool the water will get splashed out and the deck and surrounding ground will be wetter.

Ask us what the ideal water level is the next time we pay a service visit.


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