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How to get pollen out of the pool

If you suffer from allergies you know that pollen is the major culprit and you also know that when the pollen is at its peak, it may be hard to stay outside for very long without sneezing and red, itchy eyes. Pollen can also be an issue in your family’s swimming pool. If you have ever wondered how to get pollen out of the pool, we have some suggestions for you.

How to get pollen out of the pool

The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service understand that pollen is a part of outdoor live, but if you deal with allergies from it, you will want to get it out of your swimming pool. Getting rid of pollen in the pool is quick and easy. You’ll know if there is pollen in the pool if you see it floating on the top of the water.

When pollen counts are highest in your area, make certain you’re even more diligent with the use of the swimming pool cover. Even if you are, be prepared for a little more work to remove it from the pool water.  You should first determine whether it’s pollen on the water or algae. Some algae spores mimic pollen. One way to help determine which it is to check and see where it’s gathering. Algae will stick to the sides and bottom of the pool and doesn’t easily move through the water and its filtration system. Pollen usually floats on the water and will easily be pulled into the filter.

  1. Run the filter to remove pollen. You may only run the pool filter and pump at night, but when you’re being bothered by pollen you will want to run it more frequently and during the day. Running the filter will help remove pollen.

  2. Grab the skimmer and skim it off the top of the water before it falls to the bottom. If the pollen is too small to be picked up by the skimmer you may need to add some aluminum sulfate to the water for the pollen to adhere to.

  3. Shock the pool to help battle and remove the pollen.

  4. Vacuum as often as necessary — you may need to vacuum between service visits to get pollen from the water.

If pollen is an issue in your pool, give us a call and we can help you take care of it!


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