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How to have an eco friendly pool

Have you wanted a swimming pool, but are committed to living a “green” eco-friendly life? Talk with us about how to have an eco friendly pool as we have worked with many customers to help them achieve that goal. The swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Atwater, California and surrounding communities understand the importance of conserving water in an area that is drought prone.

How can you work with yoru pool builder or pool service contractor to implement upgrades and improvements to provide cost savings as well as offering environmentally friendly advantages. Whether you’re looking for reduced water consumption or cost savings relating o electricity use and heating, here are tips to implement.

How to have an eco friendly pool

  1.  Pool pump upgrades: Switching to a variable speed pool pump from a single speed pool pump is one of the best ways to save money and energy. A variable speed pump can cost between $800-1,000, but it is more cost effective to operate and many owners notice a savings of at least 25% and up to 70% after the first month. A variable speed pump is programmed to operate at a lower speed for regular circulation and switches to full speed/higher power during the times when you’re vacuuming the pool. With a variable speed pump you could opt to run it for 24 hours per day and it will still operate more cost effectively.

  2. Switching from a manual clock to a digital program let’s you program the pool equipment for the day, hour and month. For owners in warmer climates, you realize greater energy savings, especially if you program it for six hours of running time in the winter and 10 hours of running time during the summer months.

  3. Whether you’re running a swimming pool pump or the dish washer, running it during off-peak hours is a money saver because many electric companies lower the rates from about 9 pm to 9 am. Keep in mind that if you use a salt chlorinator you will need to run the pump for a couple of hours during the day to prevent the sun from depleting the chlorine.

There are many other options to incorporate into your swimming pool to make it more environmentally and eco-friendly. Talk with us for other options for going green and saving money on your pool bills.


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