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How to landscape around your swimming pool

Your swimming pool is beautiful. The outdoor living space is relaxing and gives you a place to enjoy the sights and sounds of the pool when you’re not swimming. If you’re wondering how to landscape around your swimming pool in a way that highlights the pool itself, doesn’t distract from the outdoor living space and won’t harm the pool is something the pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service talk with pool owners about.

When planting around your pool space, think of how it might:

  1. Impact the pool water

  2. Impact the sightlines of the pool to and from the house

  3. Impact the shade/sun ratio of the pool

  4. Draw in bees or other bugs or birds

  5. Detract from a free-flowing walkway from pool to the house to outdoor living area

How to landscape around your swimming pool

Planning for the landscaping should be done during the pool construction project. When you’re planning for the landscaping make certain you consider how tall trees and plants will grow over the time you’re in the house.

Here are the best plants for your landscaping project:

  1. Evergreens are ideal for poolside landscaping. These plants will bring brightness and greenery to your outside area all year-round. Evergreen trees are excellent for shade but beware of pine needles or pine cones dropping.

  2. An ornamental grass makes your pool look like a beachside area. Ornamental grasses come in various colors and varieties and you can easily find some that are suited to your growing area.

  3. Ground cover plants serve dual purpose — it keeps dirt and debris under control and it also adds a unique look to your landscaping especially when paired with taller plants, trees and grasses.

  4. Hostas grow quickly, come in various colors and varieties and have a long growing season. They are a favorite of many pool owners.

  5. Moveable planters allow you to redecorate at a whim. You can move the planters to accommodate seating for a party or to provide shade or open up the area to more sun. Make sure your planters are on wheels!

There are a myriad of ways to decorate and plan your landscaping. Talk with us and let’s get it sketched out — even if you don’t implement all of the landscaping ideas now you can chip away at them over time.


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