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Swimming pool safety tips

The first thing the swimming pool contractors from Best Pro Pool service talk with pool owners about are swimming pool safety tips. This is an even more important conversation to have when you’re a new pool owner and have so much to absorb. When there are children and pets in the house, the level of conversations about safety are taken to an even higher level.

When having a pool installed, safety needs to be a priority. In fact most municipalities mandate minimum safety standards and your local swimming pool contractor or service contractor will help you meet those. Many pool owners want to exceed those minimums, though.

Pool alarms

Pool alarms are a great additional layer of protection for pool owners. With the many types of pool alarms available it may be confusing to decide which one is best for your family. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission tests three types of alarms:

  1. subsurface disturbance sensors

  2. surface wave sensors

  3. wristband sensor.

Surface wave sensors float on the surface of the water; subsurface sensors attach to the side of the pool with a portion of the sensor submerged below the water’s surface; the wristband sensor is worn by the child (or can be put on the collar of a dog, if pet safety is a concern). The alarm sounds when the wristband gets wet.

Swimming pool safety tips

Your unique circumstances and the type of alarm you are considering is a personal preference, but here are a few features to consider:

  1. Ease of installation

  2. Tamper resistant/tamper proof (ie can the child take the wrist band off, for example)

  3. Remote receiver with range of up to 200 feet or more

  4. Low battery indicator

  5. Choose one that is recommended for the size, shape and depth of your pool

  6. Ability to detect an object a light as 10 pounds

  7. An alarm that is loud and distinct enough to not be mistaken for background noises and one that sounds within 20 seconds

After you’ve made a decision on a safety measure or two: pool fence, pool safety cover and pool alarm for example you need to decide whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or if you need to have your pool service contractor assist in the installation.

Pool safety is nothing to take for granted. Call us or talk with us at our next service visit and let’s get your pool as safe as it can be.


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