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What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

What does it cost to own a swimming pool? Many families, when they are in the midst of deciding to have a swimming pool constructed, don’t look beyond the price of the pool itself and the payback costs of the project. The swimming pool service contractors from Best Pro Pool Service in Modesto, California explain there are costs beyond the pool construction. In fact, the cost of having the pool installed is the first of many that a new pool owner needs to budget for.

Chances are you have put considerable thought into the pool construction budget, but have you taken into consideration the lifetime maintenance and upkeep costs?  It’s not something many people do and it’s not always brought up during pre-construction discussion.

What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

  1.  You need chemicals to keep the pool water clean and safe for swimming. You can clean the pool on your own — which means you will need to invest in all of the chemicals and store them for use.

  2. Hire a pool service contractor to do the work for you means you will need to budget for an annual contract for pool sevice and maintenance — which many novice pool owners find is less expensive than trying to do it themselves.

  3. Increases in utility bills are a given because the pool pump runs on electricity and it’s an expense you wouldn’t have had before. If you heat the water, that will also increase the utility bills.

  4. The cost of water for the initial pool fill (you can have it trucked in) and the cost of water to keep the pool filled during the season.

  5.  The investment in a pool cover may not have figured into your initial construction plans, but a cover will keep the pool water cleaner longer (that will cut back on maintenance costs) and will help eliminate some of the water evaporation (again, a money savings). Buying a pool cover is an investment in your pool. 

Talk with your pool contractor about the ongoing costs of pool ownership as well as the intial construction costs. If you’re having a pool built, give us a call and we can come and give you an estimate for pool service and mainteance. 


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