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Why is there sand in the pool?

Why is there sand in the pool? If you have a sand filter and you see sand or sediment on the bottom of the pool, you should contact your swimming pool contractor from Best Pro Pool Service to come and inspect the pool’s sand filter. If sand is leaching out of the filter and making its way into the swimming pool, this could be a cause for concern.

If you don’t own a pool with a sand filter and if you don’t live in an area where sand could have been blown into the pool because of a storm, what looks like sand could actually be mustard algae. To tell if it’s algae and not sand, brush it up. If there is a cloud when you do that, then it’s algae, not sand.

Why is there sand in the pool?

If it’s not algae and it is sand in the pool you may wonder how it got there, right? The pool contractors from Best Pro Pool Service explain that within the sand filter ther is a pipe that runs through the sand that fills it. At the bottom of the pipe are other pipes also called “laterals.” If the laterals are cracked, sand could be leaving the filter and making its way into your swimming pool.

While you may never know what lead to the laterals cracking or splitting, it is cause for reaching out to your pool contractor and having the matter addressed as soon as possible.  When your pool contractor arrives on site, he will have to dismantle the filter, remove the sand and locate the broken piece. He will replace that, add in new sand (might as well replace it with new since the filter is torn apart.)

Many pool owners will call their pool service pro to repair the broken laterals, but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer you can fix the issue on your own. It’s considered an easy fix, even though it’s not quick to repair.

Once the filter and laterals have been repaired you will need to get the sand out of the swimming pool. Hook up the manual pool vacuum and slowly move it across the bottom of the pool floor to suck it all up. If you vacuum too quickly you will just scatter the sand particles and you will find yourself cleaning it out of the skimmer basket and see it continuing to settle on the bottom of the pool floor.

Even if you work with a pool service contractor, it makes sense for the pool owner to pay attention to potential issues with the pool and to reach out to their contractor to address any issues that arise between service visits.


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